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New Year Resolutions 2016

As 2015 was coming to a close and I had a look back on my Resolutions, it was time to look at what I should set myself for 2016. What was evident from 2015 was how important the family is and they will always come first.  My running is also important to me and I am lucky that I can fit most of my training and running into work time.

So for 2016 and I have set myself the following:

1.  Family Holiday and Three Long Weekends.  This was the best part of my 2015 resolutions and I want it to be the most important resolution in 2016.

2.  Communicate more with the Family.  Not sure how I am going to quantify this one, but it is something that needs to improve.  I appreciate I am not the most communicative of people, but I will endeavour to address this over the next year.  It needs to be reciprocated if it is going to work.

3.  The Physical Challenges.  This year I have been extremely optimistic, but I am a firm believer that we need to constantly push ourselves just to see what we are capable of.  Therefore my physical challenges are broken down into the following:

a.  Run a total of 1000km.

b.  Cover a total of 2016km (Run, Cycle, Row, Walk).

c.  Complete my Virtual Ultra Triathlon:

(1).  Run.   Ardnamurchen Lighthouse to Lowestoft. This is the most Westerly point to the most Easterly point in the UK.

(2).  Cycle.  John O’Groats to Lands End.  This is the most Northernly to the most South-Westernly point in the UK.

(3).  Row.  The Length of the Thames.

d.  Complete an Ultramarathon.

4.  Read Eight books.  This didn’t go too well in 2015 so I have therefore revised it down, but only slightly.

5.  Write a Blog on average once a fortnight.  In 2015 I was far too ambitious so I have revised this down by half in the hope that I will make a good attempt at this.

So there you have it, five resolutions, some of which may seem straightforward but after the last year nothing is ever simple.  I know the physical challenges will be tough but then some resolutions need to be  a challenge:

We shall go always a little further: it may be beyond the last blue mountain barred with snow…