My Genealogy

Over the last 10 years I have been looking into my family tree, when I have a spare moment that is.  I was amazed at how quickly a family tree can suddenly expand.  I remember printing off my family tree to show my parents and I had to glue about 15 x A3 pages together, and that was only showing Great Grandparents!!!  Now imagine what that tree would like if you traced all the descendants  of each individual grandparent.  This is the task that I have set myself!

What have I discovered?  My tree consists mostly of farmers, miners and labourers in the steel industry who are all pretty much centred around Bourne in Lincolnshire and Sheffield and Rotherham in Yorkshire.  But there are a few odd surprises including Rally Drivers, Authors, Professional Football Players, Steel Manufacturers, Religious Leaders and ordinary people that have settled all over the world.  However it has to be said that over hundreds of years the majority of my ancestors never really travelled far from home, which meant it was fairly easy for me to trace them.

I have often wondered how best to document such a large and extended family.  At first I was trying to collate all the names into one document, but this was becoming so large that it was becoming completely unworkable.  It occurred to me the best way to record all the names was to break them down into manageable chunks, so each family surname became an individual book.  If a particular surname went as far back as my 6th Great Grandparent then I could easily find myself producing a book that was 50 pages or more.

As this idea developed I also started to come across quite a few photographs of my relatives. If you are going to document your family then it makes sense to attach a photograph if you come across one; a face to a name. I must admit it felt slightly strange copying photos, but, I only ever used open source information and I always attempt to reference each photo to the person or location in which it was found.  It doesn’t take long to realise how much information people put on the web that is openly accessible to everyone.

Due to the enormity of this task, this will always be a work in progress. At the moment I am only publishing the basic content of each book. I will not show the individual family trees or photographs in order to protect the identity of living personnel.  I will publish the full list of names of those that appear in each family book and other open source information.

If you find your name is listed in one of these books or you come across a name that appears in your own family tree do get in touch with me here.  I am under no illusion that I will have mistakes and missing details therefore I am happy to hear any amendments or suggestions for missing family links that you may have.

All my Grandparents surnames and their individual family books can be found in the – Index Page

Happy reading and do get in touch.