Virtual Ultra Triathlon: April Update

April has been a tough month.  I have managed to get some good distance covered but it has been difficult.  My next challenge is on the 11 May and I have been training to run 12 miles carrying 20kg.  The aspiration is to cover the distance in under 2 hours, but going by my last run I am going to be a few minutes over.  The weather is also going to be contributing factor, if the sun is out and the temperatures are high, then that is going to slow me down.  As people tell me, train hard, race light.

Coming back to my virtual ultra triathlon, the main update is that both my run and cycle routes have now entered England.  This is always a positive boost as I am now in the country of my finish locations.  The other noticeable milestone is that I have now completed over 50% of my run.  Considering I am only in April, this means I am some distance ahead of target.  If I increased my target to 1000km for the year I would still be ahead.  If I increased my target to 1000 miles for the year then I am about 50km behind schedule.  A little too early to decide if this is achievable as i know I have some slow months ahead of me.

After four months here are the stats:

Running – Ardnamurchen Lighthouse to Lowestoft.

According to my tracker I managed to run a total of 107km this month.  My total distance so far is therefore 479km, which means I have completed about 56.02% of my challenge.  The good news is that I am approximately 194km ahead of schedule.

Another reasonable month of running which means I am almost 200km ahead of schedule, which is pretty good going after 4 months.  My mileage will eventually increase, but at the moment I have to keep it relatively low due to my training for a 12 mile race in May.  I need to practice carrying weight rather than endurance, but once I get this race over I need to focus on distance and endurance.

My virtual location is now on the A66 approaching Greta Bridge having passed over the Pennines into County Durham.  Just a couple of more kms and then I will be in the greatest county of them all, Yorkshire.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 22.14.21

Cycling – John O’Groats to Lands End.

According to my tracker I managed to cycle a total of 175km this month.  My total distance so far is therefore 708km, which means I have completed about 45.68% of my challenge.  The really good news is that I am approximately 191.33km ahead of schedule.

The intent was to cut down on my cycling and to run to work instead.  As ever with best laid plans, time is always against me in the morning and I end up cycling to make sure I get to work on time.  If I really want to run to and from work then I might have to accept the fact that I may need to get up a little earlier.  That is just a hard one to swallow as I already get up at 6.15am every morning.

My virtual location is just entering Lancaster on the A683.  During this month I not only entered England but I am now flying down the spine of the country through places such as Carlisle, Penrith, Shap, Kendal, Tewitfield and Bolton-le-Sands.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 22.01.36

Rowing – The length of the Thames

According to my tracker I managed to row a meagre 34.55km this month.  My total distance so far is therefore 126km, which means I have completed about 36.42% of my challenge. The good news is that I am approximately 10.67km ahead of schedule.

My virtual location is now just passed Cholsey and Wallingford having passed through towns such as Little Wittenham, Clifton Hampton, Abingdon and Sandford-on-Thames.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 21.50.29

I worked hard this month to ensure I not only hit my target for rowing, but I also tried to give that little bit extra.  I am delighted that I achieved this target and I am now a modest 10km ahead of schedule.  I am starting to realise that rowing is really not my thing.  It certainly helps my core strength and my shoulders are looking and feeling stronger, but I don’t find it particularly enjoyable.

Overall April has been a good month.  I didn’t run a 100 miles this month, but I am certainly happy with the 65 miles that I did run.  My running is getting so far ahead of schedule that I am now looking to extend the target for the year.  I think 1000km is achievable so I will see how I am doing at the end of May.

May is going to be an indifferent month due to a couple of bank holidays, my 40th birthday and a trip to watch the Monaco Grand Prix.  I do have my race on the 11 May, which should help my stats but I need to ensure I keep on track with everything else.

Looking forward to May.

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