General Election 2015

It has been a while since I last wrote something, unfortunately work took me overseas for about 4 weeks.

I was around for the General Election and we all stopped at our polling station as we headed off for a long weekend break. My son is still a few years off being able to vote, but he had his photo taken outside. He may only be a year old but it is never too early to learn about democracy and our free right to vote.

I spent the first night of our break watching the news and like the majority of people, I was shocked to see the exit poll at 10pm. None of the pre election polls were giving the Tories such a commanding lead. If I had been at home I would have stayed up all night, but alas we were on holiday and we had a fun day arranged for tomorrow.

Waking up in the morning at 6am because the little guy was wide awake, meant I could check the news. Flabbergasted to see what the projection was, not only a Tory win but with a majority. Where did that come from? I thought there would be some silent Tory voters, and swing voters who would wobble and change their mind to Tory whilst stood in the ballot box. I never thought it would be to this degree.

As it turned out Labour ended up 99 seats behind, almost thrown out of Scotland and the Liberal Democrats were severely, and I would say, harshly punished. I wasn’t surprised to see how well the SNP did in Scotland, but their grip over Westminster has been greatly diminished now the Tories have a majority.

So, five more years of the Conservatives and what’s more, with a majority. Labour seem to be in meltdown and they are going to be a very weak opposition for the next couple of years. Let’s see who the new leader is going to be! They must select someone young, personable and leaning to the centre! Gordon Brown followed by Ed Miliband has done major damage to Labour and if they are going to recover and regain their support, they must change, move to the centre and get a strong leader that is not associated with Brown or Miliband! I fear they will choose someone the same and then the party will wallow on the edge of the abyss. That will only be bad for British politics.