Not Quite Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 30 years on

Ok it wasn’t quite bunking off school like Ferris did in 1986 but then we are 29 years later on, and how things have changed.  Rather than bunking off school it was an impromptu day off work.  The day started at 5am when little Deacon decided he was going to wake up, mainly due his chesty cough and snotty nose.  Listening to Bing and Hey Duggee in the early hours will stay with me for years to come, the sound of the Hey Duggee banjo theme tune will send shivers down my spine far more than than the banjo from Deliverance would ever do.

After breakfast, which consisted of weetabix being spattered around the table.  Deacon probably ended with more on his face than actually in his mouth.  The surprising thing about weetabix is that you could lay bricks with it, because when that stuff dries you need a chisel to prise it off your face.

Cookham High Street

The rain had stopped and we headed to the village of Cookham.  Thankfully it wasn’t too muddy, unlike the weekend when we attempted to push the pram to the Magna Carta Memorial in Runnymede.  That resulted in me spending 45mins outside in the drizzle with a bucket and brush trying to clean the chunks of mud and straw that had embedded itself into the wheels. I am sure this combination of mud and straw is called Cob.

After sitting in the carpark for 30mins because someone in the back seat decided he wanted to have a late morning snooze, we were on our 1.5km walk along the Thames and through the village.  The village was rather quaint but everything was closed, unusual for a Wednesday.

Old Swan Uppers

Lunch was beckoning and we didn’t fancy anything in the village itself so we head to the Old Swan Uppers for a hearty pub lunch.  This is when the little disaster happened.  The spilt yoghurt on Deacon’s trousers on closer inspection, turned out not to be yoghurt.  The pungent smell slowly filling the nostrils also gave away what had happened.  An explosion in your underpants doesn’t quite describe it.  Thankfully we had eaten by this point, so it was time to quickly pay and depart the premises before upsetting the stomachs of our fellow diners.  We had to line his carseat so that the liquidly sludge didn’t leak out onto his seat.  The visit to Cookham was cut short as we made a dash for home.

To this day I am still at a loss how it managed to get so far up his back!  Surely gravity would push it in the opposite direction.  Only one thing could help in this situation and that was to place Deacon in the bath whilst we attempted to get his clothes off.  Then it was a quick spray with the shower.

The long walk through Swinley Forest

After that delightful episode we headed out again, this time to Swinley Forest to see what the trail walk was like.  We all really enjoy the 2km walk and didn’t see another person the entire time.  The first part of the walk seemed to be continuously uphill, not that I minded as it wasn’t too muddy and what goes up must come back down again.  However the downhill part proved to be steep and very muddy.  I am not sure my chelsea boots were the best thing to wear!

After all that we were all worn out.  Little Deacon was over tired and it took some time to get him to sleep.  As for us two, we made it until 9.30pm before giving up and going to bed.  Lets face it, he will probably be awake again at 5am!

Swinley Forest