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Welcome to my blog ‘Absent Thoughts’ which I try to update as often as I can. It is impossible to say what I will write about, as it depends on what takes my fancy at any given moment, however  there does tend to be a distinct running theme to most of my ramblings.

The last few years have been extremely busy and tough at times. I am married to the wonderful Roni and our son is about to reach the dizzy heights of 4 years old; how has he grown up that fast.

I have noticed that my running has changed over the years from a 400m runner in my 20s, cross country in my 30s and now my speed seems to have been replaced with endurance.  I bypassed marathons and went directly to ultras which I seem to have the mental toughness for.  2016 was a great year for running, where I achieved quite a few milestones. Unfortunately 2017 was a very mixed year and is what I now refer to as my fallow running year.  The high point of the year was running the London Marathon, however a non running related back injury destroyed my motivation to get out and run for the rest of the year.

2018 is now a new year, a year of rediscovery.  I have set myself a running challenge, inspired by Nick Butter, so lets see if I can get back out there and run again.



As I read in one book, possible Chrissie Wellington’s ‘A Life Without Limits’:

Live for the moment, for this moment is your life“.

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