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Welcome to my blog ‘Absent Thoughts’ which I try to update as often as I can. It is impossible to say what I will write about, as it depends on what takes my fancy at any given moment, however  there does tend to be a distinct running theme to most of my ramblings.

The last few years have been extremely busy and tough at times. I am married to the wonderful Roni and our son became an angelic 2 year old this year (I now understand how the term ‘the terrible twos’ gets its reputation).

Over the years my running has changed, my speed may be long gone but at 40 years old I have found my endurance levels have vastly improved.  After completing a number of HM and a 100 km ultra in 2012, the next couple of years were quiet with regards to running due to work and home life.  Then in 2015 I found the time to really get back into my running again.  Time was still precious, especially the weekends, which means I find it incredibly hard to get to organised races. This always leads to an interesting debate on whether PBs only count if they are achieved at an organised event.

I set myself a number of running challenges for 2016, which can be found here.  I remember thinking at the time that I might be a little too ambitious with these, but then challenges are not meant to be easy. There would be no fun in it if they were.


As I read in one book, possible Chrissie Wellington’s ‘A Life Without Limits’:

Live for the moment, for this moment is your life“.

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