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Welcome to my blog ‘Absent Thoughts’ which I try to update as often as I can, however most of my spare time is dedicated to genealogy. When I do write, it is impossible to say what it will be, as it all depends on what takes my fancy at any given moment.

The last few years have been extremely busy and tough at times for the family, we moved to Scotland, we both started new jobs, bought our first home, Ruby the Vizsla joined the family and our son started at nursery and is now about to start at school.

Although an avid runner I have been beset with back injuries for the last 2 years, which have really interrupted my running. Having a spinal hernia and sciatica made sleeping and even walking difficult at times. It can get very frustrating when you cannot even reach down to put your socks on, go to the toilet or even sit still for more than 5 minutes.  Thankfully work has kept me busy and I have also re-engaged again with my family history.

Rather than tracing my family backwards, it is far more interesting now to trace the different lines forward to the present day.  I didn’t quite comprehend what a mammoth task this would be.  It soon became apparent that I could not have all the data in one document; the processing power of my laptop couldn’t cope!  I therefore decided to approached the project slightly differently.  I would take every surname of my grandparents and turn it into an individual book.

When I complete a book I will upload it as a page to this blog site so that people have free access to my research.  I will, though, limit what I publish so as to respect the identity of the living.

Thank you if you have made a donation and if you have any questions then do send me a message.


As I read in one book, possible Chrissie Wellington’s ‘A Life Without Limits’:

Live for the moment, for this moment is your life

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